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Asset Protection

Asset protection is one of the basic components of estate planning.  We will discuss asset protection as part of our estate planning conferences when you choose me as your estate planning attorney.  If you wish to engage in advance estate planning, then Alaska law offers a unique opportunity.

Alaska is one of the few states to allow “self-settled” domestic asset protection trusts, which is an irrevocable trust in which the trustee has absolute discretion to distribute to a class of beneficiaries – including the settlor of the trust.

This is a departure from traditional trust law.  Historically, if a settlor of a trust was also a beneficiary of the trust, then the settlor’s creditors would be able to look through the trust and obtain the assets of the trust.  Under current Alaska law, a settlor can set up an irrevocable trust, be a beneficiary of the trust, and the assets of the trust can be protected from the settlor’s creditors.

To protect the assets of the trust, strict procedure must be followed when establishing the trust and funding it – including every time a transfer is made to the trust.  If the correct procedure is not followed, then the creditors of the settlor may be able to characterize any transfers to the trust as a fraudulent transfer, thus opening the assets of the trust up to the creditors.

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