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A private law office focused on estate planning, probate, and trust administration services, which is solely owned and operated by Bradley R. Quisenberry, Attorney at Law.

Estate Planning

At its root, estate planning is the creation of a plan for the management and preservation of your assets  during your life, and the preservation, management, and distribution of those assets after your death.  When you come to my office for an initial free consultation, we will review your assets that make up your estate, and then we will discuss some fundamental questions at the heart of estate planning.  What would happen to your assets if you died now?  Will your estate be subject to federal or state estate tax when you die?  Who would manage your assets if you became incapacitated?  If you have minor children, then who would be nominated as a guardian for the children if you became incapacitated or died?  Who do you want to receive your property when you die, and do you want that person (or persons) to own the assets outright or in trust.

These are just some of the questions we will discuss during our initial free consultation.  After this initial discussion I will be able to present you with some legal options that will meet your estate planning needs.  Please click one of the buttons below to obtain the current pricing of some of the estate planning packages I provide to my clients, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I look forward to meeting you - I am confident I can provide you with your estate planning at a reasonable price.

Anchorage Estate Planning and Probate Services, LLC is conveniently located in suite 3-396 in the Dimond Center Mall in Anchorage.  I serve clients throughout Alaska.  If you live outside of Anchorage, please call me to see what special accommodations can be made so that I may help you with your estate planning and probate needs.


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