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The loss of a loved one is a painful enough experience in itself.  The process for winding up the legal affairs of the loved one and to transfer their  property should not be a burden, but often times it ends up being a major source of stress for the family.  The person placed in charge of the estate by the Court (the personal representative) is a fiduciary to the beneficiaries and other interested parties - including the IRS.  There are a number of legal steps that need occur after the death of a loved one, and certain parties have priority to the assets of the estate over other parties.  The personal representative of the estate can incur personal liability to interested parties if the proper procedures are not followed.

Most probates in Alaska can proceed under the informal probate procedures of the Alaska Statutes and Alaska Rules of Probate Procedure.  In these informal probate procedure cases, I try to remove some of the stress of the probate from the decedent's family by billing the probate as a flat-fee.  The fee is paid once for my services.  I will then be responsible for the Court fee to open the probate ($200), for the advertising fee to advertise to creditors (usually $150), copying fees, and the first $150 of mailing fees.  If our engagement is governed by a flat-fee arrangement, then you will not be charged when you need to call and ask me a question or have a meeting - no matter how often it is needed.  My goal is to get you through the probate in a manner that allows you to place all the stress of the legal proceeding on me, while allowing you to focus on your family.

The flat fee charge for legal representation during an informal probate is $3,250.  There will be an additional fee if the decedent was the owner of an business that the personal representative will have to take over ownership as part of the estate administration.  The amount of the additional fee will depend on the nature and size of the business, which we will discuss during our initial free conference.  The price quoted above is valid for legal representation for informal probates when the engagement of my services begins on or before December 31, 2017.

Probates that proceed pursuant to the formal probate procedures or the supervised administration procedures will be billed partially flat fee and partially at an hourly rate.

Ancillary Probate Services

The ancillary probate procedures in Alaska are usually uncomplicated.  Please contact me if you are legal counsel representing a personal representative in a foreign jurisdiction.  I usually can handle the entire Alaska Ancillary probate for a small flat fee.

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Anchorage Estate Planning and Probate Services, LLC is conveniently located in suite 3-396 in the Dimond Center Mall in Anchorage.  I serve clients throughout Alaska.  If you live outside of Anchorage, please call me to see what special accommodations can be made so that I may help you with your estate planning and probate needs.


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